Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - November 13, 2015

The fair ADIPEC (Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference) is the world's largest exhibition of Oil and Gas segment, with more than 95,000 visitors. This fair was escojida by Valtek Sulamericana for the global launch of the new family of positioners Digital Chronos. The decision to launch the ADIPEC was of great value as the region continues to be a world reference in the forefront of the technologies inherent in this market. This participation also had enormous impact because of the presentation of the new and industrially advanced operation of the investee, for estes countries, the Valtek Sulamericana.

We will be back in 2016 at booth 12140. await your visit!

The Valtek Sulamericana in these last 10 years, from its parent company in Brazil, radiates its share of the world market, meaning through its affiliated companies and representatives, irreparable technology, competitiveness, commitments. These principles nortean us over 35 years.

The control valves company


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