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Since our foundation, in 1979, we have adhered to concepts of excellence and customized service, supplying products tailored to the needs of our customers, with an exclusive quality standard.

These concepts permeate all stages of the design of our products, from the selection of materials, specification, and calculation to the manufacture of the final product, performed by an experienced and highly capable team.

We have attained the highest quality degree in the design and manufacture of control valves for special and severe applications such as: superheated steam, differential high pressure, volatile,  corrosive, erosive and slurry fluids, in addition to solutions for cavitation and high noise levels.

Our control valves have exclusive design and geometry, offering high degree of interchangeability of their components, thus reducing inventory cost of spare parts.

We constantly invest in new technologies, always upholding the high quality of manufacture processes and assuring high performance and durability of our products.

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